Accelerated Therapies

The accelerated psychotherapies are influenced by the latest advances in neuroscience. These therapies harness the power of mindful attention, leading individuals to focus within. This intensive short-term dynamic therapy is intense and therefore, results come rapidly.

The brain is in its most integrative state when it is in a state of emotion. Emotional blockages lead to diminished energy, both physically and mentally. Accelerated therapy enables people to burst through emotional blockages and change their lives for the better.

Wherever the emotional blockage is presenting itself — be it anxiety, depression, rage or other powerful drives — release of the energy will create breakthroughs of pent-up energy that will heal the mind and emotions.

For more information on accelerated therapies and how they can benefit you, please contact us at the Center for Accelerated Psychotherapy.


Orli Peter, Ph.D., DABPS
Founder and Director, Center for Accelerated Psychology
Licensed Psychologist