qEEG Normative Brain Mapping

qEEG or Quantitative ElectroEncephaloGram is a type of neuroimaging that informs both psychological and neurotherapy treatment. Mapping your brain’s activity provides information on how and where your brain may be inhibiting your recovery from psychological problems.

The language the brain communicates in is electrical patterns. We compare your patterns with a non-clinical sample of people in the same age range and biological sex. These patterns can be symptomatic of traumas, anxieties, obsessions, attentional and sleep issues, and normal brain aging. Knowing this information helps custom tailor treatment for your brain which makes therapy more effective and focused.

Dr. Peter analyzes your brain in four conditions: eyes opened, eyes closed, recalling a disturbing memory, and recalling a happy memory.

qEEG Normative Brain Mapping for Couples

A map of each partner’s brain and an analysis of how your individual strengths and weaknesses help or hinder your relationship.